Lino il Robottino

updated on 23-08-2013
Map of the Lino section   Bill Of Materials
Low Level Supervisor   Arduino Mega + Home made circuit
  Batteries Lipo 4S 4000 mAh 14,8V 30C
  Power Control Home made circuit
  Quad Sonar Parking sensor parts + custom modifications
  Display Parking sensor parts + custom modifications
dsNav   2 x dsNav
  Encoders 4 x AMT 102-V + Cable and connector
  Hbridges 4 x TANK-3A HP
  Motors 4 x Micromotors E192-12-25
IMU   UAV Development Board UDB4
  GPS EM-406 SIRF III receiver
  Magnetometer HMC5883L 3 axis magnetometer
Mechanics   2 x Flanged Bearing + Alluminum sheet/ profiles + Hardware
Light   2 x Led Lamps + Custom circuit
High Level Supervisor   ACME systems ARIA G25
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