The live monitor runs periodically, averaging many readings in order to filter out unwanted signals, then acts in different ways once again according to the severity level of the error. For example, if the batteries are just low, it can start a safety procedure, like coming back to the start point. For worst errors it can switch off just some boards and display the error, or switch off everything.

The startup procedure and the live monitor one are slightly different.


The first one controls in sequence the test points, starting from the LLS board power supply, assigning a different code and level of severity to the errors. Some levels can cause the complete switch-off of the entire system. Some other don't allow the regular start of the system. Someone can be just warning to be shown on display.

updated on 10-11-2013
Power Control

The whole Arduino sketch
for this software
is available as an open source at
Google code repository

Low Level Supervisor

The Software

This video depicts in practice the aforementioned startup procedure. The procedure is slowed down on purpose for the demo.

Description of the currently recognized error codes as shown by the display.