updated on 24-11-2013

Lino First Steps

It moves at last!

Lino puts the feet... ehm no... the wheels on ground for the first time. Still with some expected problems on joystick movement and on gauges set up, I'm very satisfied about all the system. The values shown are real. Even the GPS catch 7 satellites indoor and returns the position with a good Horizontal Dilution Of Precision. The ammeter need some set-up but they too are doing their job.

The latest version of
the whole project
(HTML5, CSS stylesheet, client and server JavaScript code)
is available as an open source at
GitHub repository

The video shows the movement from different points of view, from the webcam on the robot and from outside. The control is good and fluid even at very low speed. The force is enough to push a bin on the floor.

A lot of more job is needed on dsNav and IMU set up to have a good level of precision, but all the basic systems are up and running.

New GUI demo