updated on 25-09-2010

Rino Software

Latest versions of software

As aforementioned this site is developed like a "history" of the development of hardware and software for Rino robot. Following in chronological order all the pages, different versions of schematics and programs code may be found, as they are at that precise moment.

To help who want to start using the latest versions of everything, with bugs fixing, improvements and new features, this page collects all of them.

dsNavCon33 Eagle schematic
dsNavCon33 Eagle board
dsNav MPLAB project
Console Processing sketch
Sensors board Arduino sketch
Developing software
Microchip MPLAB development environment
Microchip C30 compiler
Processing development environment
Arduino development environment

All the software is available as an open source on Google code. To look at the latest code sources, check revisions, differences between different releases, read FAQs, comments and other, you can use the Google code interface.

To manage the entire projects you can use SVN subversion system available for every OS. Download and install your favourite software. I'm using openCollabNet for Mac OSX operating system and SilkSVN for Windows, but everyone is good. If you want to know everything about SVN, please read this book. Otherwise, in order to just download the project, please follow the simple instructions below.

After installing whatever version of SVN you like, you can start using it from command line (cmd, terminal or shell) whith the simple commands displayed on the "source" tab of specific google code page, for every project.

For example:
svn checkout http://dspid33.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ dspid33-read-only

When the download is over and the prompt returns, you can see in your home folder the "dspid33-read-only" folder (in this example) and you can start using the project with the right development environment.
If you want to use SVN intensively with a graphic interface you can install RapidSVN program, this one too available for every OS.