Switching Power Supply
updated on 03-02-2008


Power Supply

As described in the block diagram page, this is the system that provides power supply for all the circuitry of the whole robot. In the aluminum box there are the NiMH cells and all the circuits already described. There are two lines of preregulators to better decouple the boards and to have more power available.

The schematic diagram.
The dotted lines indicate the division between the front part of the circuit and the rear one. The first one contains recharging socket, the on-off switch and the signalling LED.
The rear part contains the PI-filters, the 7809 regulators and the connectors used to distribute the power to the other boards.

The H-bridge and the voltage regulators are fixed on the box sides. This allows a good thermal exchange of this components with the environment.

The battery holder.
An orthogonal projection with the dimensions of the box, built as an aluminum section.