updated on 06-11-2009
Console Practical Usage


Remote Console
Other Evolutions

Main Panel

Only the differences to the previous version will be focused.

Added a slider to control speed with mouse in addition to the text field. This has done with the aid of ControlP5 libraries for Processing.
Added a button to start the movements sequence sent to the bot with the "Sequencer panel".
Added an hidden button at top-left of the screen, to allow the Mac Book Pro Sudden Motion Sensors to act as a controller for the bot. When activated, tilting the portable computer back and forth controls the speed of the robot, tilting left and right controls the direction. This kind of control can be deactivated pushing again the hidden button, pushing the "Halt" button or shocking the computer along Z axis. This has done with Apple SMS libraries for Processing.

Sequencer Panel

A sequencer is available to make the robot performing an autonomous sequence of movements. Up to sixteen actions can be sent and stored in bot flash memory. The sequence is started with "StartSeq" button in main panel. A description of the possible actions is displayed on the panel itself, readable also zooming the picture below.


Processing open source programming language and environment
Interfascia graphical user interface library.
ControlP5 graphical user interface library.

Apple SMS sudden motion sensors library.

Original and editable graphic objects for all of the panels.

Source of the program as a Processing sketch.

The latest version of the console software (available on the link below) is completely rewritten in order to have resizable gauges. Right now only the background panel is a fixed image. All the instruments and buttons are dinamically drawn by the software, allowing a customization of the look and feel without the need of a graphic program such Photoshop or similar.