updated on 15-09-2012

Wireless link

a computer standard system for telemetry and control
Using a Linux Embedded System as the High Level Supervisor, I can use all the standard components, driver and software for the peripherals, also with the support of the Linux board producer.
A very common and cheap TL-WN722N High Gain Wireless USB Adapter, from TP-Link, has also the advantage of a detachable, 4dBi gain, antenna. Very useful for the installation beneath the cover.
The heavy and magnetic base, once removed, can be used as a drilling mask to make the holes and fix the plastic base on top of the chassis.
The perfect pair for that communication device is an 8dB TL-ANT2408C external antenna, once more from TP-Link. It has a base easily installable on the top of the cover. The higher gain and the position of the installment, increases a lot the communication range.
The antenna can be unscrewed for transportation purposes or to be changed.
The "long range version", with the 8dBi antenna. It enhances the communication performances with the counterpart of a
The antenna is foldable. This is useful for the storage of the robot and for safety purposes, if the antenna hits an obstacle.
higher profile.
The "sandwich" composed by the antenna base, fixed with the original screws, and the Wireless USB Adapter, fixed with Velcro, forms the complete WIreless Communication System.
If a shorter range is acceptable, the original 4dBi antenna can be installed on the base to have a lower profile.