updated on 21-09-2013
Lino First Steps

Web Console

Node.js server serial communications with other boards

Another part of the protocol has been added completing the whole handshake. In this version the gauge values are no more simulated into the server but a real serial protocol is working.
So, the virtual joysticks on web client modify the values. These values are sent to the node.js server through a web socket. The server send the values via a serial communication to the IMU board. The needed parameters follow back the same path to the server and to the GUI to be displayed if needed.

The latest version of
the whole project
(HTML5, CSS stylesheet, client and server JavaScript code)
is available as an open source at
GitHub repository

A simple protocol tester has been developed on an Arduino board to simplify the implementation of the protocol on node.js. This allowed a full range test for all the exchanged values with simple modifications on Arduino code. Using the same hardware already applied for the joystick simulation it was easy to change some values to test all the situations just using analog and/or digital inputs as can be seen in the video.

The serial communication is developed using node-serialport node.js module.

At this point my own serial protocol has been written in many different languages/platforms

- Processing: dsNavConsole, ImuDisp

- Microchip C for dsPIC30/33F: dsPID33, dsPID4W, LinoUdb4

- Arduino: JoyStick, LowLevelSupervisor, ProtocolTester, SensorBoard

- JavaScript: LinoConsole