Cape header pins by function
Cape header by pins correspondence with BBB headers
In order to accommodate several switches, LEDs an headers here it is an home made cape for the BeagleBone Black. It hosts 8 dip switches, four LEDs, a sixty position header and a XBee module connected to a separated header for maximum flexibility.

The XBee module can be used connecting it to whichever UART of BBB you want or even on another board to obtain a remote, serial low level access to any resource. In this picture the XBee is connected to UART0 to supervise console output of BBB during startup.

The RF module can also be connected to the Arduino board, via the second header which uses a 5V to 3.3V level shifter.

The use of a perfboard with soldered wiring allows a very high component density.

In the pictures the components placement and the schematic diagram.

The wiring between BBB headers and the cape one has been reorganized in order to group the pins by function.
updated on 20-07-2015
HLS BBB version

High Level Supervisor

Multipurpose Cape for BBB